I’m Constantly Evolving And You Should Be Too

25 January 2021

New day, new episode!

Super excited about this episode in particular, because I’m really taking you back to the beginning. I hosted a talk on Clubhouse yesterday that had a very strong response, and I look forward to hosting the same topic of discussion every Sunday on Clubhouse. Rejection and resilience are huge themes in my life. They also play a massive role in any founders journey, because no one gets a yes once and their story ends there. It’s the opposite: the more rejection you face, the stronger you’ll become.

In this episode, I go into detail about how I went from having a hobby of blogging to building that tiny site into this lifestyle platform! There’s so much good advice about how to pitch, how to secure your own brand deals or dream job, and how I kept bouncing back every time someone told me no.



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