Heading to Ibiza with Stoke Travel

5 July 2017

I’m soooo in vacation mode. I’ve never actually taken a “real” vacation: all of my trips in the past two years have been work-oriented. This one is work-oriented too, but it’s going to be a bit more fun. I’ll be in London for Wireless Festival on Friday-Sunday, and G-Eazy is performing which is one of the only reasons I’m going. I’m kind of obsessed with him. I’ll be covering all of Wireless on my social media, so make sure to follow along for tons of fun interviews and action! London is one of the loveliest cities in the entire world, and it’s so sad to see what’s been happening there. My mom is from London, so I’m attached to the city. Everyone is so nice- I even almost moved there last year!

I love being able to travel and hopefully inspire other people to travel. When I transferred to online school in high school, I started traveling just about everywhere. It’s been eye-opening to see how the rest of the world lives. The thing about living in America is you don’t exactly get to see what the rest of the world is living like, until you travel outside of the country. For those who read this and think they don’t have enough money to travel: I get it. You should read my post on teens & finances for some handy advice about saving money and traveling! Stoke Travel is the company I’m heading to Ibiza with, and they are known for having totally affordable bundle deals with young adults. Going to countries like Thailand and Turkey have truly inspired me to try and change the world. Compared to America, the rest of the world doesn’t have it as easy as we do. Even when I am complaining about something irrelevant, I try and remind myself how the rest of the world is living. They don’t even have cell phones in some places, you know?

On the topic of cell phones, I’ve been taking some time off of my phone to be more present in the moment. I spend so much time on my phone I get lost in this virtual reality a lot of the time. So this week, if you’re in the mood to turn your phone off, just do it. Cell phone life isn’t real life.




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