I Got My IUD Removed, & Here’s What Happened To My Body/Skincare Routine

22 January 2021


I’ve noticed my skin totally transform over the past few months. I got my IUD removed and my period has finally come back after not having it for close to 8 years. It’s certainly an annoying 7 days in my life every month, but not something I’m too disappointed about!

My skin always has been dry, so I’ve been in the process of trying new products out to figure out how to counteract the dryness of my skin while my hormones go back to normal. My skin routine is as follows:

Curology moisturizer & cleanser, cleanser in the morning and night and moisturizer in the morning. 

I did a partnership last year with Curology and didn’t anticipate liking the products as much as I do. Skincare isn’t my speciality, so I’m usually going back to products I used to buy with my mom when I was in high school since getting out of my comfort zone with skincare scares me! When I tested out the custom Curology items for a few weeks, my skin really started to improve. I was struggling with breakouts on my chin which is hormonal, but Curology cured the breakouts.

I have since stopped using the custom formula, and only use the moisturizer and cleanser now. Love them all, though!


I use Glossier future dew and super bounce. My sister encouraged me to get these two products because my skin was getting so dry even when I was cleansing/ toning every night. For my night moisturizer, I use the Glossier priming moisturizer rich. It’s very thick and you don’t need to use that much, but it lasts overnight and I wake up refreshed when I use these three in the evening.

In order: Glossier super bounce, Glossier night moisturizer, and then future dew on top (it’s VERY greasy so use 1/2-1 full pump). 

For eye cream: Chantecaille stress repair eye cream is very light, and I like it. Retail is $198, so I buy mine on Poshmark.

That’s all! It seems like a lot of steps, but it’s seriously easy and simple. Glossier products are very affordable, so the main investment is in Curology and the eye cream.

If you’ve got dry skin like me, this routine will change your life!


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