#IAmFearless Giveaway with Acer & My #FF This Week!

3 August 2018

Being fearless means getting out of your comfort zone: whether that’s doing something like skydiving or opening a door for someone. I launched a giveaway with Acer yesterday to give one of you a laptop (the giveaway is still live on Instagram) and was reading through your responses this morning…I am so inspired! Being able to write online what you did that was scary this week can be intimidating, yet all of you were so open and honest with me, even if it didn’t end up playing out in your favor! Life is all about trial and error: take it from most of the guests you’ll hear from on This is Life Unfiltered: we’ve all had our fair share of ups & downs!

Creating clothing is something I never imagined myself doing, because I can’t draw for my life. Through a Craigslist ad searching for a graphic designer, I became connected with an incredible girl in LA who has been helping coach me through all of the steps of designing clothing: it’s actually much more involved than I imagined. We’ve been meeting for breakfast every week, going over colors & text while talking about our lives: it’s an hour of my week that I wake up looking forward to.

In the video below I describe everything I’ve learnt about making your own merch, and what my advice is for saving money and not following the “traditional” merch path. Whatever I release, though it’s simple stuff, is clothing I want young girls & guys to be able to wear to a school event, a business meeting, or an internship. Growing up, I could never find appropriate & affordable tops that matched by style and weren’t $50 for a piece of cotton: so I’ve kept that in mind during this entire process.

The shop should be ready for pre-order within 10 days!


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One thought on “#IAmFearless Giveaway with Acer & My #FF This Week!”

    Well, I have always had the luck of applying for and landing jobs I knew little or nothing of! But, that never stopped me! I’d take college courses and do crash courses to help me learn the New Job! I would say to anyone, take a chance, don’t take yourself out of the game before you even try to play!