18 September 2018

Before you completely overthink my use of the word “hustle” it’s the #1 word I’m hearing in the startup/entrepreneur industry right now! I consider myself to be a Type A and incredibly driven individual- it’s how I’ve always been. I’ve never had anyone financially supporting or even backing me in anyway, so I think part of the reason I’ve always been so passionate about my career is because I know that if I fail then I’m failing myself and no one else- and there’s nothing worse than failing yourself. It’s so normal to feel lost and confused when you’re growing up or going through college and not certain what you want to do with your life: I wouldn’t compare yourself to anyone or me because I’m always comparing myself to other people too. You have to find your purpose in life and that takes longer for some than it does for others.

I like to say that we’re all on this journey called life. Some of us will become the next Lady Gaga or Ellen and some of us won’t become that but instead the next generation of doctors, teachers, or even chefs! Don’t get frustrated with the journey because that’s what will lead you to find your mission. Live in the moment!

Check out my video above for my advice on finding your purpose and what to do if you find yourself frustrated with not being passionate about something yet.


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