How To Layer Like An Adult!

14 November 2017

Since I’ve made the transfer from being a fashion blogger to a lifestyle blogger, I’ve gotten out of the fashion scene. I have no clue how to put proper outfits together anymore, which is one of the key reasons why I hired a stylist to do just that for me. I can totally swing a pair of cute jeans and a comfy sweater, but I’m not even interested in attempting to stack every ring and bracelet on my body until I look like I’ve just walked out of a jewelry store.

Before I headed to Lake Tahoe, I had a fitting for some winter outfits so that I wouldn’t completely freeze on my mini trip. Regardless of where in the world you live, layering is an easy way to take your style to a new level. In these pictures, I’m wearing a graphic tank over a knit sweater with a jacket on top of that. I’ve never even considered wearing a top on top of a sweater, but it totally took the look to a new level. If I had worn the top with no sweater, I wouldn’t have gotten the same winter layering vibe that I was going for with the different pieces.

My layering tips for winter:

1. Throw color in

You can see how we didn’t stay with the same color scheme throughout the entire look: if we had done that, the layering would have looked less like layering and more like a mop of clothing put together.

2. When experimenting is key…

I was incredibly hesitant about putting a top on top of a sweater, but Michael always knows what he’s doing so I knew I had to trust him. The cool thing about experimenting with style is that you never have to worry about being “too much” or going too far out of the box. Style is always about what you want to make it. If you’re a teen OR an adult, the same rules still apply to you. Always be your own person and let it shine through with what you’re wearing.

3. Playing with graphics

If you’re planning to do a graphic top and a graphic jacket like we did, be careful to make sure that each piece isn’t trying to outshine the other one. There’s nothing worse than wearing two statement pieces at once. 





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