How To Successfully Launch Your Next Big Event

11 October 2023

Are you an event manager trying to execute a company event successfully? Or an entrepreneur trying to launch a new product? If your event hinges on the success of your business, it can feel daunting to try and plan a big event. This article will talk you through everything you need to know about pulling off a successful event launch

Hire The Right Catering Company

Search for a reputable catering company like Alexandria Catering at to enjoy good food and a positive experience for your guests. Try to find recommendations from colleagues, friends, or family, as caterers often make a big appearance at significant life events. Search their site or Google My Business for customer reviews. You can also arrange for taste testing ahead of the events with different caterers if you want to explore different prices and packages.


Give Yourself Enough Time To Plan

If you’re an employee in someone else’s business, you might not be given a lot of time to plan an event, but ideally, most significant events should be planned four to six months ahead of schedule. This gives you enough time to get the invites out, book the venue, book the vendors, and line the speakers up. To ensure the run-up to the event goes smoothly, make sure all final vendor contracts and payments are finalized at least a few weeks before the event.


Review Your Bottom Line

Reviewing your bottom line is essential to a successful event. Set a fixed budget for your outgoings, and make sure you don’t exceed it. A crucial part of sticking to financial planning is negotiating with your suppliers to see if you can get a more reasonable price on their offering. Don’t hesitate to negotiate within 10% of the original quoted price.


If your event is ticketed, you can also review competitors for similar events and make sure your own tickets are realistically priced. That way, you can help ensure attendance and make sure you are making enough money to cover your overheads.


Delegate Outwards

If you work within a business as an employee, try to rally your team on specific tasks. Assign people to manage logistics and transport or vendors and their contracts. See if anyone in your network can help if you are an entrepreneur. Perhaps you can partner with another business to get support and appeal to a broader client base.


Hire Good Speakers

Corporate events can benefit from professional speakers to boost your keynote speech. Partner with a keynote speakers agency like Pro Motivate at to ensure you can hook your audience right from the start of the conference.


Motivational or inspirational speakers are always a hit at conferences. Try to see what other events they have spoken at before. It’s good to ensure their previous events are similar to yours to hire someone with experience speaking to your attendees.


Establish A Strong Marketing Plan

It’s essential to establish a strong marketing plan that clearly outlines the purpose of your event. If you’ve secured relevant speakers, you can use them as an integral part of your marketing. Leverage your social media channels and optimize your content for local SEO to get your event invite in front of your target audience.


An essential part of your marketing campaigns is to make the experience of the user buying the tickets an easy process. It’s critical that the journey from browsing to buying needs to be as straightforward as possible. Consider using shoppable ads to create straightforward ticket-buying experiences for your audience.


Know Your Strengths

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll inevitably be wearing many hats. However, if the success of your product hinges on the launch event, and you know you are bad at marketing, don’t be afraid to partner with an expert. If you’re not good at marketing, work with a marketing agency; if you’re bad at planning travel, partner with a travel agency. Where it makes sense, invest in a third party to help you while you play to your strengths. 


Final Thoughts

You can successfully launch an event as an employee or an entrepreneur. Give yourself enough time to plan, and set a budget to control your outgoings. If your event is ticketed, do some competitor research and set a fair price for your event. 


Delegate where you can, and if you’re not an expert in a particular area like marketing, partner with an agency to ensure you can get your event in front of your desired audience. Hire good speakers that you can use in your marketing campaign, and partner with high-quality vendors well ahead of time to enjoy good food and services.


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