How to Find the Right Style For Work

18 January 2024

Ideas around workplace attire have changed considerably over the years. While you were expected to dress in a way considered professional, the definition of professional is not the same. While this has some benefits, it’s also confusing for people just entering the professional world or returning after an extended absence. 


And if this sounds familiar, you probably want to know how to find the right style for your job. You don’t want to overdress, but you don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed. So here is some advice to find the right style for your job. 

What’s the Workplace Vibe? 

You may not fully understand the workplace vibe until you’ve worked there for a while, but you should have hopefully seen the office during your interview. While a lot is going on during this process, you could get the chance to see how others dress and take inspiration from this. You could also identify the demographics. Are there more people around your age? If so, the dress code may not be as formal. However, you don’t want to make a terrible first impression, so dressing professionally can prevent this. 

In-Office or Remote? 

Remote working has become so prevalent that you might not even have enough office wear to fill a week. If this is the case, you need to find out that often you’re expected to be in the office, and you can wear whatever you like while working from home. That said, you should also remember you may be involved in a call with clients or directors, so dressing professionally, even when you’re not going into the office, may be necessary. 

Dressing Your Age 

You can also feel comfortable in your office attire by dressing your age. Since younger generations are more creative with their style, you can get away with wearing clothes you would normally wear while running errands or going out with friends.  This doesn’t mean you wear your favorite sparkly top, but some branded outrageous apparel can help you look professional and age-appropriate at the office. You may not need to wear a pencil skirt or pantsuit at the office. Instead, jeans and shirts enhanced with a blazer could be the perfect in-between look. 

On Your Feet

If you are standing all day, you need something supportive. Sneakers or hybrid office shoes which blend office style with everyday comfort, could be an ideal solution without distracting from the rest of your work attire. 

Your Accessories 

You should also consider your accessories, such as your backpack or purse, and anything else you’ll need at work or traveling for business. This is especially true when carrying your laptop or meeting documents. You need to keep things safe, but your ragged old school backpack may not be suitable. Instead, upgrade to a functional side bag or waterproof backpack that contains plenty of space and pockets for efficient organization. 


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