How Do You Define Fearless?

27 April 2018

When I think of the word fearless, I think of a few things. First of all, I think of myself. Earlier this year I was sitting down for lunch with my manager and she was asking me tons of questions about my journey and how I decided to follow this path completely on my own. It got me thinking about what made me want to do something so different with my life, and I landed on the word fearless when tailoring my journey down to a few sentences.

We’re living in a world where women are still suppressed and expected to be housewives instead of CEOs. We’re living in a world where young girls are expected to play with barbies instead of learn how to do something like code or write a book.

What could we be doing differently to open up young people: male and female, to get out of there comfort zone…approach the cute girl/guy at school or at a bar. Go up to your teacher and ask for help with the science project. Heck, take a class to learn Japanese!

How can you expect to learn and grow if you’re not pushing yourself everyday to do something that scares you?

We’re all fearless: but sometimes we have to dig a little deeper to find out what makes us fearless.

What did I partake in this week? An insanely difficult workout with a fantastic and inspiration trainer today in Washington. When I first went to this gym last year, I walked out feeling physically and mentally stronger.


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