How Do You Define A Founder?

7 October 2021

Yesterday, I got thinking about what the difference is between a leader and a founder.

Is there a difference?

One of my mentees, Charlotte, messaged me asking how I define that word. I took to Instagram to ask more people how they define it!

I do a tremendous amount of research on leaders – people who inspire me to work hard, do better, and be a stronger leader – people who have both founded their own companies or work for other ones. Some of my biggest inspirations who are founders in their own ways are Illana Raia, Dana Brownlee, Sara Blakely and Michelle Cordeiro Grant.

Can you be a founder if you still work for someone else but have side projects?

I wonder often if entrepreneurship is more glamorized now than ever because of social media. Anyone has the ability to be a “founder” by having one video or post go viral – that they either capitalize on after gaining huge acknowledgment or that they get bored of after a few weeks.

There’s a difference between an influencer and someone with influencer, the same way there is a difference between a founder and a leader.

What do you think?



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