My Holiday Wish List (Sponsored)

5 December 2017

This post is sponsored by, but I did get a chance to try out all of these products and I like them all. Hope you enjoy reading, and stay tuned for my teen gift guide, coming out tomorrow!

Waterpik: Complete Care 5.0 Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush

I know it sounds funny to promote healthy gums during the holiday season, but staying healthy on the inside and outside is crucial! My mom always had a Waterpik toothbrush when I was younger, and it’s exciting to see that her favorite product is still leading the way in the brushing department. What’s different about water flossing is that it removes plaque that constantly forms on our teeth, in a deeper format than a regular toothbrush. Have you ever tried a product like this before? Read more about the product you need in your life here!

Le Tote: Fashion Subscription Box

I have used Le Tote in the past, and each time I receive a box, my experience is completely different. Since I was in LA when I happened to order my Le Tote this time around, I tried to choose summer clothing out of the selection on their website. If you’re not familiar with Le Tote, they partner with more than 150 brands including French Connection, Vince Camuto, BCBGeneration, Kate Spade and more. If you’re on a budget but still want designer duds, Le Tote is perfect for you or the lady in your life! The box always comes on time, and they keep you updated with emails about when to expect your delivery. You get to hold onto the clothes until you want to return them, and they send you a label for you to keep on hand until you wish to return the clothing. I wish I had chosen different items this time, but you can watch my full unboxing video below! 

Arctic Cool: Instant Cooling Shirt

I’m obsessed with all kinds of sports tops. Since I spend a lot of time in the gym, or sprinting to meetings I’m late for, I’ll never say no to any gym top. What’s neat about the Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Shirt is that it uses HydroFreeze X, a fiber- based, cooling management system, to lower the temperature of the fabric to keep you cool, calm and collected during your workout. If you don’t have a chance to shower immediately after your workout, this top will keep you clean and fresh for some hours after your gym day. As you can see above, I almost died at SLT in Boston, but still came out on the other side thanks to my new top! 

Who would you give this top to?

23andMe: DNA Ancestry Kit

When I received my ancestry kit in the mail, I almost started laughing because for an entire year my mom tried to convince me to buy this for her as a gift! I ended up buying the DNA kit for her last Christmas, so now I get to try it on my own. 23andMe believes the best gift you can give (or
get!) is the chance to understand what makes someone who they are.

After following these steps, you’ll know more about your heritage than you probably ever imagined! I followed these steps and was incredibly impressed with how easy and speedy the process was. 

1) Order your 23andMe kit (but you should already have a kit!)
2) Follow the instructions to spit into the tube and register your
sample. Then mail it back to our lab in the prepaid package.
3) In 6-8 weeks, we will send you an email to let you know your
reports are ready in your online account.

23andMe has special holiday offers now through Dec 26th Visit
the link to see offers and order kits for yourself or your family

Sabon: Cheers to Rose Tea Kit

I’ve been into Sabon products since I first moved to NYC years ago. They had a few select stores across the city, so I used to wander in and smell all of the yummy products! This year, Sabon’s best-selling Body Scrub and Body Lotion is packaged in a limited edition holiday gift box.
It’s perfect for all of the girls in your life, and it comes packaged in the fanciest box and smells like heaven! I will be giving this product to my assistant Alexis, because she really enjoys the scent of rose and the pretty pink box will look great on her nightstand! 

Sandisk: iXpand Base

The SanDisk iXpand Base is a great gift idea for any girl or man in your life. This product allows you to automatically save photos, videos and contacts from your iPhone, while charging your phone. If you’re not a fan of wireless charging, it’s time you get on board. I truly enjoy walking around town with no cables and chords falling out of my bag at all times!

This would be a great gift for my best friend, or even my dad! iPhone accessories never go out of style. 




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