#FearlessFridays: My Journey with Meditation

10 August 2018

Meditation has completely changed my life. Before I get into this post, make sure to follow my Instagram takeover on the Headspace Instagram page today! I also posted a new YouTube video about my meditation journey which you can watch on my page today.

Anxiety and depression are incredibly difficult to battle. During many episodes of my podcast This is Life Unfiltered, I have talked about how I’ve struggled with just about everything under the sun, and it’s taken me a solid period of time to find the techniques that work best for me to keep my anxiety under control. In no way do I think I’ll ever be able to avoid dealing with anxiety altogether, but there are ways you can decrease your stress and anxiety. My therapist recommended I download apps like Headspace and Calm back when I lived in Boston, and when I moved to LA, I purchased a monthly subscription to Headspace. A girl in Connecticut from my town had me meditate a few times with her last summer, but I never really go into the idea of sitting alone in a room and completely forcing my thoughts to turn off. Unfortunately, my brain is always on overdrive so I struggle with sitting still!

The thing about therapy and meditation that people don’t realize is that 1) you don’t have to start your therapy/meditation journey because you need “help” 2) you don’t have to become a legit Buddhist and travel the world preaching one love and happiness. You should totally do that anyway, but since most of us won’t pick up and move to Tibet, 10 minutes a day or 1 hour per week of therapy can alter the way you view the world in such a positive way that you’ll feel like a new person.

Follow my journey with Headspace on Instagram and remember to NEVER feel ashamed about going to therapy or battling anything that you struggle with: we’ve all got something. Meditation has pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and think outside of the box, which has been such a fun and unique experience for me!



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