My New Hair!

18 September 2017

I get bored with my hair easier than people get bored with clothing. I wake up every single day wanting to do something new with my hair. Whenever people ask me what inspires me, I honestly have to say hair and makeup because I don’t seem to pay attention to anything else besides those features. When I found out I was heading to London with British Airways, I wanted to get my hair in perfect condition for Fashion Week. I had a few ideas before I went to meet with my Headdress Salon stylist: grey or silver, or a really light blonde. I seriously vibe with girls who have crazy silver or grey hair and dark eye makeup: I think it’s legit the edgiest and sickest look, ever. When I went in for the consultation, my stylist told me that going thatttt light wasn’t a good idea, because to go beach blonde I’d basically have to bleach my hair and then dye it. Apparently, bleaching your hair is never a good idea. I always wondered how Kylie Jenner got her hair so colored until my stylist told me she wears wigs. Now I feel like I have no surprises left in life now that I know the ultimate secret to hair.

After 5.5 hours in the chair, I left Headdress Salon with soft, healthy and shiny hair! As much as I wanted to go a totally different shade, it just wasn’t a good idea. I’m not willing to sacrifice my pretty healthy hair at this age. The last time I got my hair cut was months ago, so we decided to take off a few inches. I don’t love my hair short, but I knew that it would be healthy the minute I chopped a few inches off. During the whole process, I kept wondering if I was going to hate what the outcome was. The thing about changing your hair style is that you leave all of the decisions to your stylist, and that means you basically put your life in their hands. Once your hair is colored and cut, there is no turning back. Because of that, you have to love what you see on the inside and outside. Even if I despised my new hair and thought I looked crazy, I’d have to simply vibe with it. It’s just hair. My hair, my size, my body…none of that defines me. What defines you?




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