Halloween Ready with Ulta Beauty

23 October 2017

I know it’s not Halloween yet, but apparently the LA crowd likes to celebrate Halloween before the actual holiday. Can you even consider Halloween to be a holiday?

When I got invited to the party, I only had about 72 hours to prepare an appropriate look. I’ve honestly never put much thought into Halloween, because my birthday is 15 days before, and (obviously) that’s the only important holiday I can keep track of in the month. Birthdays are the most important holiday in my book! I came across Yandy through one of my friends and decided to pitch them the Halloween story. Luckily, they replied and offered to send me a costume of my choice! An event like a Halloween outing or party should inspire you to truly embrace your spirit animal, since you have a full day and excuse to be someone totally different. I decided to choose the Poison Ivy costume from Yandy,  which is a costume totally outside of my comfort zone.

Once it was delivered, I decided to contact ULTA and see if they’d be interested in doing my makeup for the party. I couldn’t believe they were interested, primarily because I’m a lifestyle blogger and everyone knows how terrible I am at anything beauty-oriented! They ended up hiring an artist that specializes in Halloween makeup, and even went as far as finding an artist who designs her own Halloween accessories. She came prepared with leaf eyebrows and tons of green makeup to match my costume. The West Hollywood store has a beauty counter with hair stylists, makeup stylists, nail stylists and brow stylists, so this isn’t just your average makeup store. I spent about 2 hours in the ULTA West Hollywood store on Saturday to get my makeup down before I headed to the MAXIM party! What do you think of my makeup and look? Is it totally crazy? What are you being for Halloween this year?

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