Halloween with Party City

30 October 2016

Costumes via Party City

Vintage army jacket, Primark overalls, Free People thermal, Boohoo boots

Halloween is truly a holiday meant for embracing your spirit animal. It’s rare that I advise people to be someone they aren’t, but on a holiday like this, you might as well go big or go home.

 I teamed up with Party City this year for my costumes, and my friend Grace and I both got to dress up thanks to them. I hate that Halloween is on a Monday this year, because I have to work tomorrow which means I don’t get to celebrate the day with my friends. I could wear my cop costume on my flight to D.C., though that’d probably get me (actually) arrested by TSA…

Oddly enough, I only wear slutty costumes on this holiday. I’m not ashamed to admit that Halloween is the only holiday I feel like I can completely be something I’m not. Growing up, I always wanted to have tons of boys flocking around me, even though I never did, so I get to embrace my old dream through this holiday. People go crazy with makeup (shoutout to my friend Grace, pictured above) and unusual costumes, which completely impresses me and makes me contemplate my dream of being a slut on Halloween. Oh well.

It’s completely okay to be someone you aren’t a few days a year. It’s actually quite freeing to dress up as a character that you aren’t, because sometimes being normal can get boring. One of my best friends was visiting from home for the weekend, so we walked around Boston yesterday, snacked on Halloween cupcakes, and shopped. I’m glad to be getting equal use out of my thrifted camo jacket; it was a purchase I didn’t know I’d actually end up wearing, so to be wearing it out of the house makes me happy I dropped $20 on it.

Every penny counts when you’re running a company, ya know.

Tomorrow on YouTube: my top 3 tips for making it in your industry!

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