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12 December 2016

One of my best friends just texted me and said “my family won’t stop complaining about my weight”. She’s an ex-model, and used to suffer with severe eating issues. I can’t even look at old pictures of her without cringing. She’s a much healthier weight now. I used to suffer with pretty hard eating + body image issues when I was younger, so I relate to the pain she’s going through with comments. When your family comments negatively on your physical appearance, it doesn’t feel so great.

You may think someone has lost weight, or gained weight, but that doesn’t mean you have to make comments about their appearance. You never know what someone may be going through, either. What if they’ve got a health issue, or simply just love food? Who cares. It’s their body, not yours.

I don’t usually feature food that I don’t eat. As someone who used to follow a (very) strict gluten-free + vegan diet, I no longer feel required to eat tofu + rice for dinner. I’d much rather eat a steak salad and some dark chocolate or peanut butter cups than stuff my face with food that tastes bland. The moral of the story; I may not be the size 2 I used to be when I was modeling, and I may “erase” whatever progress I’ve made in the gym by eating a burger and milkshake afterwards, but that’s my decision. I own and adore that decision!


I’m heading to Washington right now for a segment with Fox 5 tomorrow morning! Tune in to catch me talking about the most affordable gifts for your friends and family. I’ll be putting up some more gift guide type posts as the holidays draw closer, so stay tuned for those. If you’re looking for some style inspiration for your dad/boyfriend (I always am) have you thought about a watch? I’m a huge fan of the styles found on this page.  Who do you think the toughest person to shop for is?

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