Getting Fit with Body by Simone, Lands’ End + More

10 April 2017

I just got back from SUCH a fun few days in California! The weather in SF/Sacramento is nowhere near sunny LA weather, but I managed to survive during the multiple hail storms that occurred!

I got to appear on two segments on Good Day Sacramento: the first one was on swimwear with Lands’ End, Crispy Green, Decorte Cosmetics and Seabuck Wonders. Talking about swimwear with my beautiful, healthy models was fun. I love working with girls who are confident AND healthy- there is nothing worse than working with models who are truly underweight, or unhappy with their bodies. Loving yourself is the key to happiness!

Watch it here!

The second segment was on fitness with Simone of Body by Simone and Janice of Tone-y-Bands- two incredibly successful entrepreneurs who are making waves in the fitness world. Watch it here!

Traveling the world, following your dreams, and meeting wonderful individuals along the way is what life is all about. Even if you hate your job right now, or wish you could switch industries, the world is your oyster. You can always do what your heart desires- just never give up.




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