18 January 2019

As I mentioned earlier this week, GIRLS’ Life Magazine has partnered with me for the first Be Fearless Summit coming to Drexel University on March 15, 2019! GIRLS’ Life is one of the magazine I grew up reading so having them involved in my idea is a huge honor. I was driving by a newsstand in Studio City earlier this week and ended up finding myself in the magazine on newsstands NOW! Since they’ve partnered with us for the summit, their editorial team is heavily involved with making sure the summit runs smoothly and includes all elements that young people are interested in, from career development to internships and even dressing for your first job!

If you get your copy of GIRLS’ Life magazine this month you’ll see the full page spread and what to expect at the summit. One of the panels I’m putting together that I’m most excited about is one including different executives from the entertainment industry, who will be there to answer your questions about leaving college and landing your dream job!

Stay tuned to Fearless Summit on social media for everything you need to know about the summit!


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