The Teen Gift Guide

22 December 2016

I feel like the holiday season is overrated. When will people realize that gifts cause more stress (and clutter) than no gifts? Maybe I’ve got a super incorrect perspective of the holiday season, but I constantly wonder why I buy presents instead of spend my time trying to convince people to save their money. Or donate the money to a worthy cause.

I sound like the Grinch…whatever. I still bought a ton of presents this season, because I don’t want people to actuallllyyyy think I’m the Grinch…it’s all about perspective, my friends. For those of you that hate the holidays, or maybe adore them, I’ve put together a gift guide for just about everyone. As I get older, I realize that personal gifts mean so much more to me than material items. I won’t deny I’d love a nice handbag or a pair of Louboutins, but if you give me a beautiful picture, or even a plane ticket, I’ll be even happier.

Let’s work from the youngest to the older, starting with the teens.


Liz Clairborne Charging Wallet: $24.99

I mean, you can charge your wallet where you hold your money. That’s pretty sweet. I showcased this item last week in D.C. on Fox 5, and I’m not lying when I say I convinced JCP to let me keep the wallet after the segment…

Disclaimer: I’m biased about this gift. Go buy someone you love a pair of concert tickets to a performer that they love. For example, I’m slightly obsessed with G-Eazy. I know every word to every one of his songs. If I could date my boyfriend AND G, I’d probably cry with so many happy tears. I feel like concert tickets show the person you love that you truly understand them, and would prefer to spend a night jamming out with them than watch them go use a gift card to Macy’s.

For the shopaholic:

You’ve probably heard of Tobi before. Even better than Forever 21, I like to consider this platform as a mix between UO and ASOS. With quality clothing, fantastic prices, and trendy pieces, you’re bound to find something fashionable for the blogger in your life. I adore this shearling jacket that I recently received in the mail, and it’s SO warm!

Blunt Umbrellas: $99+ 

You wouldn’t think about buying your friend or family member an umbrella, would you? Well, think again. It’s definitely a different, and outside of the box gift idea. It may sound a little odd at first, though think of how nice it would be to have an umbrella that actually protects you from drowning in a rainstorm!? These umbrellas are sexy, sturdy, and bound to get you through every hurricane.


One too many men in my life are super into golf, so during my research on the sport of golf, I realized that it’s basically the most expensive and bougie sport to play. Sorry, golfers. I picked up a Golfers Digest magazine and was immediately bombarded with an extensive amount of overpriced golf clubs, belts, UMBRELLAS, stick in the ground thingy, balls, and so many other items I didn’t realize you needed to simply golf on beautiful green grace. One of my best friends, Hannah of The Patten Standard, was my inspiration when deciding what item to choose for the man or woman in your life who golfs. Side note; why don’t I golf? Female golfers seem so cool to me.

Treat the golfer to a chic golf belt that is sturdy and matches with any golf outfit. You won’t regret this purchase!

COACH: $100- $1,000

Another one of my best friends, Abie, has a connection at COACH and happened to mention she has a 50% off discount to the store. A woman can never have too many handbags, which means you might as well surprise the lucky lady with a nice bag. If you’ve been paying attention to the line, they’re totally revamping this season. With edgy bomber jackets, quality black handbags, and sweet studded sneakers, any girl would die for a item from this brand.

For the adult (from the teen):

A Wallet

I really like the idea of buying your mom or dad a wallet. Personally, I always find myself wishing I had a new wallet to use. You can never be too organized. Bacchus & Barley has a major selection of rad accessories like luggage tags and authentic leather wallets that will make your boyfriend, girlfriend, mom or dad very happy.

A personalized item from Dormie Workshop: $50 + up

Like I mentioned, the more personal the gift, the better. Your parents are bound to remember why they bought you into this world (just kidding) if you treat them to a nice item from Dormie Workshop. I like the nice sweaters for both men + women.

P.S. I haven’t been sponsored by any of the brands above. I kinda wish I had been, though…




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