Getting Out Of My Comfort Zone To Be A CEO

19 October 2020

I sat down with Josh Talks, an awesome initiative surrounding mental health, to discuss how I turned my idea for a blog into a full-time career.

There are so many people, myself included, who are feeling more anxious than usual with the election coming up. With people saying a war could break out depending on who gets in (that’s not going to happen!) it’s enough to keep us all on edge. Get out to the polls or vote via mail, and know what you can do to equally get involved in your community regardless of who gets in. Since this election is so unique, it’s an equal chance for you to become more engaged with how you can make small changes in your community if the government isn’t necessarily stepping in to help make those changes.

There is no time like the present time to proceed with an idea you’ve been sitting on. What’s holding you back besides fear?


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