Get Paid For Your Idea

3 May 2022

Be Fearless Summit put together a list of tons of companies focusing on women founders that will give you money for your idea.


If you follow me on social media, you know that I’ve been focusing on raising money! I’m in the process of working with a co-founder who launched another incredible company and we are planning to merge both companies in the next few months. Because of this potential merge, we are determining the best route to raise money, whether that’s via angel investors or a full round. To raise money properly, you need a proof of concept. Before looking into any of the above outlets, I highly encourage you to create a deck that showcases the proof you have that your idea works (check this deck here) as that proof is encouraging to investors. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t hear yes immediately – timing is critical when it comes to funding. Don’t give up!



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