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19 October 2016

Flywheel shirt, Kaya Di Koko shorts

note: bruise on leg did not originate from any form of exercise

I spend most of my time working, eating, and working out. Funny, right? How often do you meet someone who “works” in fashion that spends equal amounts of time eating and working out? Nope, I don’t just eat kale and lemon water. I’m talking cake when I feel like it, chocolate milk after an intense workout, copious amounts of coffee, lots of grilled chicken…I’m a human, not a robot.

When I travel, getting a workout in is just as important to me as getting any work done is. If I’m sitting on a long flight, all I can think about is getting off of my flight, chugging a bottle of water down, and going on a nice run to clear my mind.

On my hunt for fresher and cooler fitness studios, I came across Flywheel a few years ago. SoulCycle was the first chic fitness studio to pop up and gain the attraction of everyone from Upper East Side moms to teen girls, but now, Flywheel is the latest and greatest cycling studio. Whether you’re looking for a barre class, or a spin class, Flywheel is different because they offer classes that aren’t just spin driven classes.

I’ve been popping in and out of the Boston studio this month, taking a spin class here, and a barre class there, and my body is already getting stronger. Working out makes you feel SO good, I never know how many times I can say that to someone without sounding preachy. What’s my tip to getting yourself to the gym? Throw on a super cute look (fashion and sweat actually align quite well), get yourself hyped for whatever workout you’re doing, and bring a friend along, too. You won’t regret getting up and working out; I promise.



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