What You Should Know About Finsta’s

7 August 2019

EPISODE 84// Did you know 160,000 kids in the United States are afraid to go to school everyday because of the fear of being bullied? Unfortunately social media has stemmed even more bullying, whether that’s via Instagram or via email. Bullying will never completely disappear but I truly think we can educate kids to lead healthier and happier lives without finding the need to put other people down. 

I have been vocal about bullying since the beginning of my career (it’s one of the reasons I launched A Life in the Fashion Lane in 2011) and I am constantly reminded about how social media stems bullying. I published a blog post a few weeks ago on a situation that occurred on my “finsta” account, which is my private account that’s strictly followed only by my closest friends. The situation reminded me how important it is to be cautious about what you post on the web. It’s so easy to get caught up in the idea that because you’re posting something on a private social media channel that you’re in the clear from things like bullying or negativity, when in reality you’re not. Anything you post on social media, private account or not can be seen by someone else. I think having a finsta account is totally fine (mom & dad, it’s up to you whether you want access to your child’s account) as long as you are aware that the same rules apply. Most finstagram accounts are created with the intention of posting content that you wouldn’t post on your public page because it’s probably inappropriate content. Did you ever think about the fact that if something is inappropriate, no one should likely catch wind of that content besides your own eyes?

That being said, bullying will never disappear. What we can do as a community and outside of the school system is educate children to be more confident and safe people. I remember feeling so insecure during most of my childhood which is one of the reasons I think I was bullied- I was always the odd kid out! There’s no reason to be bullied just because you’re different. We need more education on both sides directed towards the “louder” kids and potentially the kids who are a bit more reserved so that no one feels the need to ever put anyone down. Same goes for when you’re out of school and working in the real world, whether that’s at a corporate job or at an internship. There needs to be more rules in corporate jobs and internships that educate people on how to deal with bullying head-on especially if it’s interrupting your work day or personal life.

 Listen to more about finsta’s and bullying during episode 84, available on all podcast streaming platforms!


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