Happy & Filter Free

7 August 2017

J.Crew top & sunglasses, Vintage denim

One of my favorite parts about showcasing life online is showing the “real” side of things. For example, I got this dress showcased a few days ago in the mail and got to try it on today, and I kind of hate it! It is wayyyy too small for me and doesn’t showcase the parts of my body I wish it did. I find that many people aren’t willing to showcase what their real life bodies look like, because they fear people are going to judge them or make comments. Most of the time- you’re the one judging yourself. It’s up to you to decide what makes you feel the best & most confident, and let that be shown through your personality and your style! When I was in high school, I spent so much time thinking about who was paying attention to what I wear wearing. Were people paying attention? Of course. Was it silly of me to care so much? OH, yea.

I’m gearing up for quite a busy month before I pack up and move to LA for three months! I’ll be in Houston, New York, upstate New York, Chicago, Long Island, & more! Sometimes I wish I was actually heading back to school instead of talking about back to school for an ENTIRE month!

P.S. I got some very exciting news last week that I am soooo excited to share…I can’t wait to be able to talk about it so soon!




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