Alexa Learns Hip-Hop Dancing

21 September 2018


I’ve never been super confident with my body. I don’t love my waist. I don’t love my hips. I really like my legs and my arms. But I’m not going to lie and say that I look at my body everyday and love what I see. I used to have an eating disorder which will be with me for the rest of my life. As much as I want to say that that chapter of my life has closed, I battle truly loving every part of my body everyday. One day I may love my hips and my waist but right now I struggle with accepting those parts of my body just the way that they are. Because of my insecurities I’ve always been really self-conscious in the gym: I workout 6 days a week and make exercise a huge part of my life, but I find myself always questioning how I look when I’m exercising. Sometimes I walk in feeling really confident and sometimes I walk in feeling more insecure than I usually do!

Dancing is something I’ve never been too good at or tried, but I go to a class in LA called Body by Simone frequently and have realized how much I enjoy dancing. I’m surrounded by tons of other people in the class so I don’t put too much focus on myself- but I’m always questioning how I look and if I could dance better. So, I made it my Fearless Friday this week to learn hip-hop dancing and stop feeling ashamed of how I look when I’m dancing because no one else’s opinion matters besides MINE!

Thank you Tiffany at Moore Dancing in Brentwood, CA for helping me learn how to dance and feel confident in my own skin!


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