#FearlessFridays What I Tried This Week

4 May 2018

Good morning from Istanbul, Turkey! My little nephew named Leo who is almost 1 (I might cry, I love him so much) along with my sister and her husband live in Turkey (they run a business here if you’re wondering why they live in Turkey) so I’m here until next Tuesday to see him for his birthday! If you’ve never watched a baby grow up, they grow sooo fast. It’s nuts!

This week, I’ve made a really conscious decision to wake up everyday and have a game plan for my day. I don’t mean things in my calender and phone calls I have to make: I mean a mental effort to become mentally stronger each day. Most of the time, I honestly wake up feeling incredibly anxious and stressed about something deep in the back of my mind: whether it’s not being “successful” enough, rich enough, happy enough…etc. As much as talking to a therapist helps, there are little ways I can personally improve myself but just making the decision to try and be happy. Between traveling and being on a 9-hour plane ride this week, I slacked off a bit and didn’t get to try anything new besides this exercise (along with new foods) but that’s the point of #FearlessFridays: whether you’re skydiving, buying a plane ticket, or trying cashews instead of almonds…anything new is getting you out of your comfort zone.

Let me know what you tried with the hashtag #FearlessFridays! 


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