#FearlessFridays: The Past 12 Years

14 June 2019

Yesterday morning I woke up in LA to see a profile in the Hartford Courant came out on me. I’ve dreamt of being in this newspaper for so many years. I figured when the time was right I’d finally get asked to be in the paper, and this week my dream came true! It’s absolutely crazy to go through these old pictures of me from the site (when I was still blogging about fashion) to compare them to where I am now. I have a vision board in my first bedroom that listed a ton of things on it, from the Teen Vogue Snapshot Contest (pictured below, I eventually lost the contest) to a nice handbag to being happy and inspiring people, and I knew that one day everything on that board would come true.

From being such an insecure and scared kid/teenager to growing into running this full-time and producing 2 different shows makes me step back a little and realize one thing: you have the power to make your life into anything you want. It won’t be easy and it won’t happen overnight (I started this blog in 2011, it’s 2019 now) but if you are passionate about anything, you have nothing to lose besides going after it. No one wakes up fearless. You have to create your own path and find your purpose through that.


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