Fearless Fridays: Speak YOUR Mind

17 May 2019

My political views are mine and only mine. I want to share them occasionally via my platforms because I know I have a platform that will ultimately inspire you to share your views too in an attempt to better the world we live in. 

Growing up, my mom used to force me to go to Church. I remember sitting with my sister while both of us would cringe about the idea of having to go to Church. I don’t know why we were so against the idea but I think it was partially due to the fact that we didn’t really feel like we had a say in whether or not we would go. For most of my childhood it was just my mom and I, my sister is 16 years older than me so when she was able to move out and go to college, let’s say she didn’t hesitate with the thought. I used to think of Church as this place I was being forced to conform and go to, when in reality my mom was just trying to create a sense of community for me since I was somewhat anti-social and didn’t have a lot of friends.

I occasionally go to church, but not because I want to be religious. I go because I think there is something that happens after your life ends. My dad is Jewish, so I want to start going to Shabbat too. Point of the matter is that you can have different views and nothing else matters because they are your views.

I don’t usually openly share my opinion on politics or gun rights because if you get me talking about either topic, I will not shut up. I realize that people have their own views, some more opinionated than other’s, and some people’s views I think are so outside of the box I can’t even fathom where there views come from. But I believe in being more safe with my words on the internet than not, which is why I’m not actively trying to call out Tomi Lahren on Twitter when she tweets something that makes me want to throw up. That being said, she’s also a human who has rights and a freedom to free speech. Let it beeeee.

This week I can’t stand back and not say anything about the terrible laws being passed in 3 states. I know many people who have made their own decisions, who have called me crying, who have openly told me about their experiences to which I fully support ANY decision they made. Do you know why I support their decision? Because it’s not my decision. I don’t need to say it, but if I was in that position I’d make the exact same decision. I think it’s so important that we educate young kids about being safe in all aspects of their life, and also give them resources to call when things don’t go as planned. Women are paid less, women are spoken down to and expected to be in the kitchen instead of the office still to this day, and these disgusting bills that are trying to be passed only bring us back to the 1950s. I’d like to think as a society that we are moving forward, but it doesn’t seem to ever be that way. We seem to make 3 steps in the right direction to move 10 steps back.

Every women has an equal right to make their own decisions. To be fearless with whatever they pursue, whether that’s going to college, not going to college, ending a relationship, switching jobs…no one should be involved in any decision any MAN or WOMAN has to make besides that one person. Men & women should have equal rights, can we leave it at that?

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