#FearlessFridays Modeling Curvy Swimwear!

29 June 2018

Happy #FearlessFriday! This week has been totally nuts from the minute I touched down in LA, primarily because of my JetBlue flight that went viral. I woke up in LA to over 50 missed phone calls on Wednesday from people across the world- the power of social media is so real.

The real reason I went to NYC was NOT to go viral (haha!) but was to meet with Harper Collins to talk about the book proposal I had sent over to them. I landed in Manhattan at 6 AM, and my flight was scheduled to leave at 7 PM back to LA. A friend of mine who you guys probably know from my first Rachael Ray segment, Gretta Monahan and I occasionally team up on TV segments in New York with one of my favorite brands, Lane Bryant, and because I was already in NYC I figured I’d stop by and see if she needed help with anything before the segment. Turns out, the entire segment was switched around and she was missing models…because of my incredibly unpredictable life, I was asked to model curvy swimwear in a swimwear segment on TV for FOX NY. I used to model and suffered an eating disorder that I am so grateful everyday I got through, but I still suffer with negative thoughts regarding my body. I’ll never love my stomach, but I’ve come to love my body just as much as I love my mind. I would never have said yes to modeling swimwear because of how much I don’t like my stomach, and I definitely would say no to modeling with no proper hair & makeup glam, or even a swimsuit that fits…but this whole “Fearless Friday” movement is forcing me to get out of my comfort zone, I swear! The segment airs July 7th, but if you watch it you should really just laugh at me because I look so uncomfortable. Please send me pictures.  Halfway through my part, I just started laughing because I was that uncomfortable.

Have fun with your life: it’s OKAY to be scared. Being scared is what drives me everyday: if you were comfortable every minute, how are you going to change the world!?

P.S. My first ever book meeting went really well- I think I am on deadline to finish the entire book my September or October…but I’ve never been more ready to take on another challenge. #NotYourKindofNormal



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