Fearless Friday: Modeling in Rhode Island

22 July 2019

Wearing Lilly Pulitzer at Ocean House Hotel in Rhode Island 

One of the reasons I’ve always been vocal about my eating disorder is because I want the young men and women out there who follow me and admire to work in fashion/entertainment to know every side to this industry. No one can blame a job on giving them something like an eating disorder, but I certainly think my obsession with succeeding in the fashion industry at the time didn’t help the ongoing insecurity and body issues that I started dealing with as I got older. I haven’t modeled in ages, but when Ocean House and Lilly Pulitzer asked me to participate in a fashion show for charity in Watch Hill, RI (next to Taylor Swift’s house) I wasn’t about to say no. Growing up on the East Coast, I’ve always been into brands like LP because I adore the East Coast vibe. Dressing during the summer in places like Connecticut and New York is completely different than what people wear in LA. Since I’m from the EC, I like the EC style much more…but that’s just me. I’m conservation when it comes to my style of dressing. I’m always down for cutoff denim and a tank top, but I don’t necessarily like exposing as much skin as the LA summer style calls for.

On Thursday I flew from LA to Boston and had what was supposed to be not even a 1 hour layover, which turned into the worst night ever with my flight being delayed until 1 AM, eventually canceled and rescheduled to the following morning (to which I would’ve missed the event) so I ultimately made the decision to get a hotel in the city for a few hours, convince my Uber driver to drive me from NY to RI at 5 AM for less money, and chalk it up to experience. I’ll never take a layover to JFK during the summer EVER AGAIN and I won’t be flying back to JFK this summer unless it’s absolutely necessary. All that matters to me is that I showed up and did the best I could during the day, but it was probably one of the most exhausting 24 hours of my life. When it comes down to running a company, any entrepreneur can relate to the desire to stick with their word and show up to something they agreed to. I was exhausted during the day but I didn’t care because I was running on adrenaline and the excitement of what was happening during the day!

I was so happy to have shown up and met the people I met, from local bloggers and celebrities to media and two incredible teams (LP & Ocean House pulled together a fabulous event). It was a day I’ll never forget and a modeling experience that will go down in my books for forever!

If you find yourself struggling with body image issues or an eating disorder, call the 24-hour ED hotline at 1-800-931-2237.


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