Fearless Everyday with Chelsie Hill

12 April 2019

Alexa with Chelsie Hill

This week on Fearless Everyday, I welcome an incredibly fearless dancer named Chelsea Hill. She has a huge following on Instagram where she dances and shows her fearlessness in all avenues of her life, from her personal life to her dancing. I came across Chelsea through a few other dancers who I’ve interviewed on my show. It was immediately apparent to me how independent and truly confident Chelsea is. When she was younger she was involved in a horrific accident that almost killed her, which is how she ended up paralyzed from the waist down and in a wheel chair. Her smile and passion to inspire others to overcome tough times is enough to have you fall in love with her instantly upon being in her presence. Thank you Chelsea for being such a #GirlBoss and showing people around the world that you can overcome ANYTHING. 

P.S. I hope you guys are continuing to share what you’re doing every week that makes you feel fearless on social media. I’d love to start something every Monday where we decide on a topic to discuss and then talk about that throughout the week with each guest, what do you think? If you have a topic in mind you’d like me to discuss, email me or DM me!

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