Lord & Taylor Fashion Class

28 August 2017

On August 20, I hosted an event in Garden City, NY with The Fashion Class! I am just getting a chance to write this post now because I finally wrapped up my last TV segment for the month a few days ago. I’ve never been to Garden City, so I wasn’t sure what to expect when I ventured out to that part of NY. I honestly thought it would be like Newark, NJ, but I was totally surprised. Garden City is the cutest little town! It’s like a mini Southampton, if you’ve ever been to the Hamptons before…you know what I mean. Bougie clothing, people, and food. I ended up convincing one of my friends from childhood to drive down to New York with me, which was quite fun because we blasted music and talked the entire way.

I don’t usually get to do too much with kids and their wardrobes, so it was a really fun experience for me to see parents and how they like to style their kids. Kerri, the owner of Fashion Class, was incredibly sweet, and has one of the coolest companies out there. She has studios that help teach kids how to make their own clothing, and many of the kids wore the clothing down the runway at the fashion show! My best advice for parents when it comes to teaching their children how to grow up is to teach them (from a young age) to be self sufficient. Whether that makes making your own clothing, or learning how to bake cookies- as long as you’re teaching a child how to become their own person, they will be so much more mature as they get older!





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