7 October 2016

J.Crew via Tanger Outlets pants + top, Rolex watch, Dior sunglasses, Nike sneakers

There is nothing more relaxing than a fall day. Between activities like drinking apple cider and apple picking, wearing maroon and orange, and hoping a clown doesn’t come and attack you on a hay ride, fall is my favorite season. Also, can we just talk about how f***** up this clown situation is? What is wrong with this world!?

I’m turning 19 next week, and I’m celebrating by speaking at the Women Empower Expo in Fort Lauderdale. I always end up speaking at conferences on my birthday, which is super funny because you’d think I would want to take my birthday off of work. As I’ve said before, if you love your job, it rarely feels like you’re working. Now that I know what I’m doing on my birthday, what should I wear!? My panel is on social media, and I’m expecting a strong turnout of older women, which is exciting for me. I love speaking to people of all ages, and getting a perspective on how social media is warping the world from teens + moms is intriguing.

I’ve been saving these orange J.Crew pants to wear on the perfect day, and since today feels like a lovely 65 degrees, I’m going to be wearing them all day today and tomorrow. Once you find a brand that offers clothing in your price range that fits you, don’t hesitate to splurge on a key seasonal pieces. J.Crew isn’t then cheapest store, but the J.Crew outlet always impresses me. I got this shirt for $20, and the pants for $40!

Sometimes, I’m hesitant to buy clothing because I’m not sure how it will fit me. Yes, you can go into a changing room and easily try something on, though for those of you who have also dealt with body images, that can much easier said than done. If I don’t feel totally great one day, how is trying on a pair of jeans (they’re always so tight on me) going to make me feel more confident?

Learning to be 100% confident is a daily task, and reminding yourself how beautiful you are every morning makes the process a little bit easier. Trust me. The size of your pants doesn’t determine the type of person that you are. 

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