Ethan Rose Salon

7 November 2016

I got booked for my TODAY show segment (if you haven’t seen it yet, watch it here) less than 24 hours before they expected me on set. Usually, I have at least 1-2 weeks to plan a segment. That gives me time to arrange my hair, my makeup, outfit, car, models, blah blah blah…

But this time, I was in luck because no models were required. But, that didn’t mean I had an easy way out on the rest of the required obstacles that guarantee I don’t go on national TV looking like a nut case.

Thankfully, I had booked an appointment at the trendy Ethan Rose Salon the day before, which is one of the only 3 in 1 salons in Manhattan. I decided to bring in one of my best friends/ photographers Hannah to experiment and review this hotspot with me!

What’s different about this salon compared to others is that you get everything done at once. Instead of spending three hours in a salon, waiting for different staff to do different tasks, you get your hair done AT THE SAME time (I’m really excited about this) as you get your nails done. And oddly enough, my hair stayed shiny and soft through the TV segment and my workout the next day. I just emailed the owner, Crystal, to ask what shampoo and conditioner she used!

Even though I didn’t have much time to spend in Tribeca at the salon in the midst of the craziness of prepping for the segment, I’d go back in a heartbeat to Ethan Rose Salon. Bring your girls, or treat yourself to a few hours here. You won’t regret sipping on a glass of champagne or coffee while getting glam.

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