Episode 45: When The Hustle Goes Too Far

19 October 2018

I’ve been traveling so much over the past week that I haven’t had any minute to just sit down and WRITE! Episode 45 of This is Life Unfiltered aired on Wednesday and was a short episode, but a topic I thought was necessary to talk about. The word “hustle” is thrown all over the place and frequently used when talking about entrepreneurs and work ethic, but I happen to think that the word can get misused quite often. When is too much hustle too much?

In this episode, I talk about how important the work life & real life balance for any person is, and what I do to find that balance when I feel like I’m overworking myself and on the brink of burn out. Plus, I discuss how to NOT get discouraged if you feel like you just don’t have that hustle in you yet. Don’t get frustrated, just know that when you find your purpose you will absolutely find that hustle in you! Even if you find your purpose and don’t feel like you’ve found that passion to work hard yet, it’s okay to not be a workaholic obsessed with their job!

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