Episode 15: Danielle Robay

7 February 2018

I met Danielle Robay last year when I appeared on a different WCIU Chicago segment. I usually only briefly talk to the host, but on that segment, I totally felt a vibe with Danielle. She seemed genuinely curious about my life, and story, which is rare to hear from morning show hosts. They have so many guests on, I don’t even know how they keep track of who everyone is!

After last years segment, Danielle and I kept wanting to plan a time to sit down and chat but neither of us could make time in our schedule. When I was back in Chicago last week, my only goal was to finally get Danielle on This is Life Unfiltered. We sat in my hotel room and talked about how she ended up with over 100k Instagram followers, what feminism means to her, and what more women in TV means for our ever-changing entertainment industry.

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