Episode 77// Comforté for PMS Founders Lina & Nadine Kennedy

19 June 2019

I’m so lucky that I’ve never had severe period cramps like my mom or some of my friends. I don’t know how I’ve gotten in the boat of people who don’t suffer with severe symptoms, but I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have such terrible cramps and aches in the middle of the month. I sat down with Lina and Nadine Kennedy, founders of Comforté: a unique remedy to help girls with their period cramps this week for a new episode. If you’re familiar with sugaring (waxing) Lina is also the founder of Alexandria Professional, basically the start of the sugaring world.

Join me as I talk about their latest venture, Comforté with this mother/daughter duo. Listen on all podcast streaming platforms!


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