Episode 76// Can You Do It All?

12 June 2019

I’m intrigued by the concept of the work/life balance. Can you really do it all? In the media we always see stories of working mothers and fathers who talk about how they balance picking up their kids, going to work, making dinner, etc., but can they really do it all? I’m not a parent, but I certainly struggle with trying to do everything including be a daughter, a friend, and an entrepreneur. When I travel I face even more guilt than when I’m simply at home in Connecticut or LA, but it’s guilt that I’m working to overcome. The guilt stems from knowing that if I go to a dinner or a lunch and spend to much time enjoying (something along the lines of that) that I’ll be missing out on a work opportunity or making money. In reality I need to get better at living in the moment. How can you enjoy your life if you’re always thinking about what is coming next?

I know that staying on a super strict schedule during the week from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed, and everything in between, helps me stay consistently balanced and happy. Meal prepping on Sunday nights helps me not get hungry throughout the day and spend time going out to lunch, while planning the events and dinners with my friends on the weekend helps me prepare for the upcoming week. How do you balance everything, even if you aren’t a business owner?

Let’s talk more about this work/life balance this week on TILU, available below and on all podcast streaming platforms.


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