Episode 75// This Bar Co-Founder

29 May 2019

This week on This is Life Unfiltered, I’m airing the unfiltered episode of Fearless Everyday with Todd Grinnell! I am excited for you to hear this episode because Todd is a fantastic inspiration for both young adults and adults. His journey of switching careers and eventually ending up as an actor before then turning to entrepreneurship is fascinating. I also lived down the street from where Todd used to live in Boston when he was younger, which reminds me how crazy small this world is.

Remember the journey to being an entrepreneur is a unique one: it can take you in some many different directions unexpectedly. You have to be ready for a never-ending roller coaster, and if you’re ready for that then the journey of entrepreneurship is the right one for you.

Listen to episode 75 below and on all podcast streaming platforms.


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