Episode 28: Girl Chat with Natasha Bure

13 June 2018

I have been pretty vocal about how difficult making solid friends in LA has been since I moved here. I even posted a video last week about it! Before I moved to LA, I had a few people based in the city of dreams that I knew from past opportunities or events…and one person I met via a Bookcon event I hosted is Natasha Bure. When I hosted a panel at Bookcon with her and YouTuber Chelsea Crockett, I didn’t expect to leave with two solid friends. You might know Natasha because of her mom, Full House star Candace Cameron, but Natasha has completely branched out and followed her own dreams on her own time. Honestly, she’s so real and genuine and drives a Mazda so I adore her.

I interviewed her towards the beginning of TILU, but she was at my apartment the other day and volunteered to chat with me about getting out of your comfort zone! This episode is short, sweet and gets right to the point: do what you love, make yourself scared for the right reasons (what do you have to lose?), and always be yourself.

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