Episode 23: Erica Portillo on Social Media Addictions

10 May 2018

So, social  media addiction is a real thing. Freaky, right? I wasn’t aware of this until I was scrolling through CNBC a few days ago and came across this fascinating article. Teens are leaving rehab for their social media addictions feeling stronger, more powerful, and less likely to grab that cell phone when they’re bored. After watching and reading the article, I phoned my friend Erica Portillo, who is a good friend of mine that is also a licensed therapist. It never hurts to have one one those in your life, that’s for sure! Along with being one of the coolest chicks on the block, Erica and I spoke last week about what TF social media addiction is, how we can prevent our kids from getting it, and what to do when we feel like we might have nothing better to do on our days off besides grab our phone.

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