Episode 5 of #TILU with Kimberly J. Brown

15 November 2017

Alrightttt, I know you’re all wondering how you become famous. Don’t deny you’ve wondered how people make it as an actress, an influencer, or any type of personality. It’s hard to not wonder what being a celebrity is like, since the minute you walk out of your front door you’re bombarded with every type of media figure possible. Is being an actor actually what it’s cracked up to be? Heck, is being an “influencer” anything like what Aimee Song or Chiara Ferragni show on Instagram?

You may know Kimberly J. Brown from the hit movie Halloweentown that first premiered in 1998. Since the premiere, Kimberly has appeared in three Halloweentown movies, and has starred in tons of other hit shows along the way. She’s 32, and has been in the industry since she was 6 years old, performing and acting. Over the past ten years, she has proven herself more than most celebrities ever will. Kimberly won an Independent Spirit Award for her performance in an indie film, which she says was totally unlike working on a high budget TV show like Law & Order: SVU. When she’s not acting and attending casting calls, you can find her mentoring other actors, working on her YouTube channel, and writing kids books. Let’s just say, there’s a brain behind her beauty. We had the chance to meet with her at our new studio in Culver City, CA and ask her everything about the entertainment industry and what people should know before they move to Hollywood to become a star. Oh, and what the f*** an established actress thinks about YouTube overnight sensations.

Kimberly is answering all of your questions about what you’ve always wondered about being a celebrity, and getting into the acting business. Listen below, and don’t forget to rate + subscribe! 

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