Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

23 October 2018

Many of you reach out to me looking for advice on becoming an entrepreneur or starting a project. I LOVE hearing from you because it inspires me to continue to empower you all to begin your companies and get out of your comfort zone. I truly attribute much of being an entrepreneur to being able to constantly get out of my comfort zone and reach new goals in my personal and business life. My new video above has some wise words of advice for you eager aspiring entrepreneurs out there, but I’ve got some more tips for you too.

Always surround yourself with positive influences.

If someone isn’t bringing value to your life, cut them out of your life! If you’re an entrepreneur you’re going to need to be surrounded by people who lift you up. Though social media might make being an entrepreneur look super cool (it is!) it’s also incredibly tough work and you don’t ever stop working. Because of that I encourage you to surround yourself with people who will love you regardless- even when you have to miss out on certain events or birthdays.

Don’t get caught up in money OR fame.

When I started A Life in the Fashion Lane (I used to be a fashion blogger) I didn’t expect to run this full-time. I speak openly about my journey of discovering myself and what I wanted to pursue (social media and mental health) and I think it’s important you understand that you can’t go into any company expecting 1) quick results 2) results AT ALL. I started as a starving artist who loved fashion and was bullied, that’s all! I always enjoyed writing and knew I wanted to pursue a career that included some form of writing. I know it sounds wonky to say that, but if you go into your company with expectations than you’ll likely be disappointed very early on. You’re an entrepreneur now- you don’t have enough hours in your day to waste being disappointed!

Bring your idea to life. But first, start it.

The biggest trait I see in students or kids who want to become entrepreneurs is that they have the idea but don’t know where to begin. We’re all tailored to be afraid of rejection and failure so if you tailor your mind to realize that failure is only a reason to take a new angle or direction than you won’t get as frustrated when you get told no. You’ll keep getting told no even when you’re “successful” so get used to it early on! Once you realize that failure isn’t actually failure it’s just a step in a new direction then sit down with a pen and paper and write down where you imagine yourself in 5 years. How will this company get you there and impact the world? Ask EVERYONE around you: your mom, someone in line next to you at Target, or your old English teacher what they think about your company and use their advice to tailor your idea to eventually come up with a really solid plan.

This is about the journey: not the destination.

Working for myself is the most incredible feeling that I can’t describe. Getting to wake up everyday and choose my hours, what I want to do during the day, who I want to talk to on the phone…it’s all part of being an entrepreneur. However that doesn’t mean that that lack of routine isn’t difficult to navigate: I’ve always been very focused and don’t usually procrastinate so it’s easy for me to stay on a tight schedule and always occupy myself with some form of work, but it takes time to adjust to. You’re on a journey with your company to make a difference in the world and your life. Stay focused and positive.


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