How-To Be An Entrepreneur

16 July 2018

After my Forbes tweet about Kylie Jenner received a ton of feedback last week, it got me thinking about entrepreneurship and how everyone seems to have a different opinion on what an entrepreneur is. I guess the standard definition is someone who works for themselves, but can you become someone that works for themselves overnight? All it really takes is one idea to take your life in a completely different direction. I’ve always believed that being an entrepreneur is almost like being an artist: you can either draw, or you can’t draw. In my opinion, there’s not really any in-between. Entrepreneurs definitely have different mindsets. However, times have changed drastically since I began my blog, and people across the globe have “side-hustles” that usually end up becoming their main job after a while. The difference between an entrepreneur and someone who doesn’t work for their own company is honestly the determination you have to possess to succeed. Every job takes hard work and effort, but when you work for yourself, you don’t have anyone backing you or anything to fall back on: so it’s a completely different type of determination necessary because if you’re not working all of the time, you won’t be able to live! I certainly think you can become an entrepreneur, but to be in it for the long run you have to be willing to sacrifice a lot to get your company off of the ground & realize that most companies don’t become successful overnight.

What do you think: can you become an entrepreneur overnight?


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