#FearlessFridays: Don’t Jump To The Next Best Thing

27 July 2018

I woke up in Houston, Texas today ready to speak to a girls camp & do a TV segment with Lane Bryant! On Wednesday, I went out with some friends and was having so much fun that I ended staying out till early morning Thursday, which is so unlike me especially during the week. I’ll usually be at the gym by 6 AM, not going to bed then! I’m very much an in the moment person, and if you know me: you know that I really love working just as much as I love enjoying life. I think that balance is so crucial, and incredibly overlooked, because everyone is always looking for what’s next. Instead of looking for the next best thing every time something awesome happens, how about you just sit in the moment and be present? What’s the rush to speed through life when you can let everything digest a little more? If something negative or positive happens, realize that we’ve all got life plans written for us that we don’t know about: let everything sink in because I guarantee you you’ll be learning something while you embrace whatever it may be.  You’re only given this one life, and if you think about it, we’re all pretty lucky to have even been given life.

Next week, I’m pumped because one of my friends and I are are doing something really funny and unique for #FearlessFriday. She’s super into skydiving and bungee jumping (all of that wacky stuff) and I’m very much a stay on the ground kind of chick- so just hanging out with her is already getting me out of my comfort zone! She had a bunch of brochures of activites to do in LA that she picked up at a hotel, so we’ve created an entire list of crazy experiences we want to tackle. I really thought skydiving would be the most uncomfortable thing I could ever do, but I’m slowly learning there are lots of ways to get out of your comfort zone, some ways safer and some ways unsafer, than skydiving…sorry, mom!

So this week, in light of Demi Lovato’s overdose that made headlines, I’d like to see everyone be kind to the people around them. Everyone is battling something. And be kind to yourself If you see someone in pain, ask them if they need help. Don’t overlook being kind just because we’re living in this world of instant gratification and stress. If you’re being fearless, why the heck wouldn’t you want everyone around you to be fearless too?


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