Effortless Gardening: A Little Goes a Long Way

25 November 2023

How much effort do you put into looking after your garden each year? There’s a good chance that your answer is either too much or not nearly enough. You could spend hours in your garden, or you simply might not have the energy to put in the effort you want. Thankfully, with the right knowledge put into practise, you can easily look after your garden and enjoy it.


The trick is little but often. Spend a small amount of time each week doing smaller tasks and you’ll find that not only is your garden well-maintained, but you’re actually spending more time enjoying it all year round. Here are some tips to help you achieve that.

Protect from pests

Not protecting your garden from pests will destroy any efforts you might have made faster than you’d think. The best way to do this is by using a physical barrier around anything that pests might infest. This might be a fine mesh or a horticultural fleece around plants and vegetables they may be attracted to.


If you’re thinking about bigger intruders to your garden, then you’re better off fencing your entire garden to help keep them away. You’ll never be able to stop all wildlife from entering your garden, but putting up barriers certainly helps.

Look after your trees

If you’ve got trees in your garden, they’ll need some TLC every now and then. From treating damaged tree roots to trimming them back, you can help keep them looking vibrant and beautiful, and prevent them from becoming a threat to buildings and people around it.


If trees get too large, they’re at risk of falling down if you get a bad storm. If they do, your home, car, or even your family could be at risk of getting hurt. Your best option is to look after your trees and keep them well maintained.

Water properly

If you’ve got plants in your garden you’ll be well aware that they need watering to thrive and flourish all year round, but did you know that you might not be watering properly? You need to make sure you’re watering your garden properly to reap the benefits of it. Plants, flowers and vegetables need the right amount of water to survive.


Not enough water and they won’t survive. Watering too much will drown them. A great way of ensuring your garden gets enough water is by installing an automated sprinkler system.


The time of day you choose to water is important too. Experts say that watering in the morning before it gets too hot is the best option. Again, using a sprinkler system is useful if you’re not around to do this.


There are countless ways of looking after your garden, and most of them require very little time and effort. Watering properly, protecting from pests and remembering to look after your trees is a great place to start. With a small amount of effort in regular intervals, you’ll have an amazing, well maintained garden for many years to come.


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