Meeting with Lifetime in NYC

30 June 2017

I just got back yesterday from St. Louis and I hosted a segment on Fox about some of my favorite healthy snacks!! I absolutely love St. Louis. It’s honestly one of the freakin’ coolest cities I’ve ever been to. Unfortunately, I was only in town for a short 24 hours, so I didn’t get to indulge in my usual chicken and waffles like I frequently enjoy. Sooo instead I got Wendy’s after my photoshoot, cause why not. Also, these hot pink pants were $10 at TJ.Maxx, which pretty much made my entire gym outfit go from 0-100.

I met with Lifetime TV in NYC earlier this week, before I found out that M.I.N.T. got approved to be an OFFICIAL nonprofit. I’m so excited. My business partner, Steve, called me and told me the news. I almost started crying! I never imagined running a nonprofit at 19 when I started my blog- it’s crazy what following your dreams can turn into. For the next few months, we are planning on finalizing our curriculum, and then hiring some staff. I want to create a team that’s as passionate about social media and mental health as we are, and people who are in it for the long run. I’ve got a great team behind my blog, so now I want to take this team and bring it over to M.I.N.T.!

Have an absolutely phenomenal weekend, and don’t forget to listen to the Purpose in the Youth podcast I appeared on this week!




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