Why You Should Eat What You Love

20 June 2017

TJ. Maxx dress + slip, Christian Louboutin heels

This weekend, I ended up at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. I’ve been home a lot more lately than usual, which means my mom and I fight pretty much every minute. Yep, I’m still 19 people: and I still fight with my mom every minute. Since I had to come to New York for the day today, I wanted to stay in Connecticut for the weekend but needed a little bit of a break from being home with my parents! About 35 minutes from the town I’m from lies two of the most famous and popular casinos, in the entire country. Due to one very obvious reason, I don’t get to enjoy the main reason people go to casinos (not that I’d enjoy it anyway if I wasn’t this age) so I never really understood the appeal to casinos. Why does anyone want to be surrounded by a dark, cigarette smelling environment for more than 1 hour?! I was proven seriously wrong.

I had the chance to be a part of a taping for Podcast in the Youth today in Boston, and we talked a bit about some of my favorite articles that I’ve written. It got me thinking about the articles I’ve written that have really shaped who I am as a person, and one that instantly comes to mind is Role Model or Runway Model…it’s one of the articles I think really shaped me as a person. 

 I started the night at Mohegan Sun, and then ended up driving to Foxwoods to wander around the outlets and eat at Alta Strada. Sometimes I do a review of a restaurant, order what I want, and that’s pretty much it. For this particular one, we were literally SHOWERED in food. And it was phenomenal. I’m so glad I showed up super hungry because we probably tried 90% of the menu. Before dinner, I wasn’t feeling too good about myself. I’m not sure if it’s because of the dress I wore, or the uncomfortable Louboutin shoes I made myself suffer in- but something didn’t make me feel 100% comfortable in my skin. And that’s OK. I’m human. 

So I ate pretty much everything in sight. I ate the bread and the burrata. I ate 1/2 of the 4 bowls of pasta. I pretty much engulfed the entire tiramisu for dessert. For a second, I felt like shit. I felt full, and my dress got really tight cause I ate a lottttt. In the past, I would’ve let that uncomfortable and unhappy thought stay in my brain. And then I realized that it’s unlikely I’ll probably ever have a food review that bomb. Or have a waiter that cool. Or have sooo much access to my favorite food: truffle. So I said fuck it. I got over those negative feelings almost instantly. I’m proud I got up at 7 AM the next morning and went to the gym. Did I go solely because I ate so much pasta? Nah, I went because working out makes me happy. So does food.



Love yourself. 24/7.

Have you read my interview with Olivia Culpo? If you haven’t, read it here! We talk about small towns, overnight sensations, and more! 


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2 thoughts on “Why You Should Eat What You Love”

    Alexa, I really love this! Especially because I clicked on your role model or runway model link. A couple years ago, I was at my worst with my eating disorder. Now, I’m still struggling with what it means to be healthy, and how I want to "get there" (I know there isn’t just one way to be healthy/one way of getting there). With all of this, I have been thinking about posting a blog post about my struggles and accomplishments…but have been way too shy to do so. I really appreciate hearing your story. Maybe one day I’ll post mine. 🙂

      Alexa Curtis says:

      Thank you so much for the kind words!!!! I would love to see your post. Send it to me when it comes out!