Dress with Success with Isha Casagrande

25 October 2021

Last week, Isha and I hosted the second Mentor Match webinar on dressing for success. If you know me, you know that I literally thrive on being comfortable all of the time. Austin is the least pretentious city I’ve ever lived in (THANK GOSH) so I don’t spend most of my time dressing up super fancy. But I know that when I need to look good, I need to look good. Whether I’m presenting a talk, hosting a webinar, or going to a meeting in person, you can always find me in trousers, a blazer or a button-down top. How can you expect people to take you seriously if you don’t look serious?

During the webinar, there were some questions about how people in the healthcare field can accessorize their scrubs and more traditional work attire. Isha had some great advice, from simple accessories that don’t make much noise (no bangles, ladies) and belts/ scarves you can add on to a basic dress that will seriously take your outfit to the next level.

 Some more of Isha’s tips are below, and Yashoda Bhaskar will be the host of the next webinar!


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