Dr. Yashoda Bhaskar Defines Fearless

25 October 2021

This past week has been one of the most unique weeks of my life! I’ve learnt so much about relationships, myself, and allowing myself to really lean into feelings, both good and not as good ones, to ultimately be more fearless and confident. In the past when I’d struggle with something, I’d put my head down and work or go out a lot to feel less upset or stressed out about something. The older I get, the more I really want to understand my feelings. This method has been incredibly effective for me because I know I’m constantly growing, and that’s why I’m here – is to never stop learning, asking questions, and understanding myself and the world.

If you’re reading this and you’re in your 20s too, I’m there for you – we’ll get through these crazy 10 years and become stronger and more resilient, I promise you!

What’s so interesting about being an entrepreneur, especially running a company that relies so much on social media to connect and engage with you, is that you have to balance running a company and also having a life outside of work.

Since I’ve been dealing with some ups and downs outside of work, I leaned into my own program this week to get some advice and inspiration. I was in therapy for the past year and decided a few months ago I didn’t need to go anymore, so instead of signing up again for Better Help this week (which would’ve been totally fine!) I was determined to get through these feelings on my own, with a mentor.

Dr. Bhaskar is a mentor in Mentor Match, and a heck of a good one. She jumped on The New Unfiltered to give you advice for getting through your 20s, organizing your financials and not feeling ashamed to reach out for help any time.


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